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Welcome to the world of all things comforting and delicious! The culmination of my lifetime's culinary experiences with which  I hope to share with you and the ones you care about.


It's a cookbook. Within the cookbook are over 200 recipes I hope to entice you to give a try. Their origins are from around the world, yet they tend to be those sorts of foods that are comforting to the inhabitants from whence they originate. Dishes abound from Europe, South East Asia, the Caribbean, South America, among others. There are also many recipes that are either cross-cultural, or from various regions from the USA.


The goal is to get you to try a recipe or two that you'd never thought to try. It's about working with your hands and the fruits of our planet. It's about sharing with others and finding what's true in one another. It's about having fun!



The purpose of this website is to supplement the cookbook. There are lots of fun things I've incorporated here you just couldn't get or do on a piece of paper. For example, you'll see the photographs I took are in black and white in the book. However, they did not start out that way. Thus I have them in all their full color glory listed under "Color Photos". Also, I conducted several seasonal dinners in order to make many dishes to photograph for the book, which are listed under "Seasonal Dinners".

The cookbook itself is available for only $24.95 at all online bookstores! Please visit Barnes and Noble or Amazon or your local bookstore for your copy today! Or feel free to call the publisher directly and order, 1-877-288-4737.

I have a new addition to the team! Please welcome Susan Malmstein to the This Is Delicious! What Is It? effort! Susan is handling all the publicity for getting the word about about my years-of-hard-work-in-the-form-of-a-cookbook! You can reach her at:

Susan Malmstein
Phone: (763) 742-6533

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